November 9 Namche

Today is a short hike, over the ridge and into Namche.  Two hours at most, and mostly downhill.  Those with more energyare going on up to Thame and returning, an additional six hours.  Although I am mostly over my weakness, my energy is not back to normal by any means, so I am opting out of the extra side trip.
Trail to Namche

We met and talked to some girls on their way from Namche to Khumjung. 


After the leisurely walk, I spent the rest of the morning soaking up the sun.  In the afternoon I went into town, send some more email, and cashed a traveler's check. 

We have an extra tent (Wes and Ellen's) so it has been decided to split Paul and myself up.  Since Paul is very quiet, it is undoubtedly because my coughing is keeping him up at night.  Well, at least no one made me feel guilty about it.  If I could stop it I would -- it bothers me more than anyone else.

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