Tiger Mountain Loop

I have been up and down the cable line trail numerous times, but this time I wanted to see if I could reach all the West Tiger peaks.  Each time I get confused or get anxious to return, and don’t make it to all of them.

Up the cable line was strenuous, as usual.  I didn’t linger at West Tiger 3: it was breezy and chilly, as always.  On along the ridge and up to West Tiger 2 went quickly.  Then along the road, past the gate, and up to the Rainier viewpoint.  All I could see was Renton.  This is as far as I had gotten before, so I studied the map and pushed on along the “Bypass” trail.  This bypasses the radio towers, which are fenced off.  The bypass trail skirts along below the ridge for quite a ways, eventually emerging onto the road on the ridge, to the east of West Tiger 1.  I was unsure how to find the trail, but I was pretty sure it was back the other way, so I followed the road up past a few more radio towers until I could go no further.  I was at West Tiger 1, and there was the Poo Top Trail.  Good.

Returning via Poo Top, Tiger Mountain Trail, One View,and Poo Poop Point Trail is really pleasant.  The trails stay pretty much on a ridge top.  No views: trees all around, but not too much up and down, just mostly gently down.

Even though it is mid August, the Foxgloves are at the peak of their bloom near the top.


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