Lila Lake

Charmed by Rampart Lakes, and fascinated by the heights above, I wanted to go back and climb the ridge to see the view.   Although the weather report said “partly cloudy, 30% chance of rain” I figured that gave me 70% chance of dry weather, so up I went.

My plan was to ascend to the ridge above Rachel Lake, then turn right and ascend the ridge to Alta Peak.  Then I would descend to Lila Lake, camp there, and perhaps climb Rampart Ridge the next day.

As I passed Rachel Lake it started to rain lightly, and as I neared Lila Lake it was coming down pretty hard.  So I decided to set up camp and wait for a break in the weather.  Learning from the previous trip, I brought my tent rather than my hammock, so I could at least set it up and jump inside quickly.  Unfortunately it is not much roomier than the hammock: there was just enough room for my sleeping pad, and I could not really sit up.

Waiting for rain to stop

So I sat in my tent all afternoon, then went out in the rain for a while to make dinner, then went back inside.  It rained all night, and was still raining lightly in the morning.  I had about a pint of water in the tent (I guess it was coming through the walls).  The mountain above was still shrouded in thick clouds, so I decided to just head on home.

Lila Lake

As I descended, the trail got dry in spots, then completely dry.  I wonder if it even rained down at the trailhead.  But I did have a pack full of wet tent, clothing, sleeping bag — everything.

I will have to come back when there is a forecast for clear weather.

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