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Rattlesnake Ridge

Saturday, April 24th, 2010

I have been up to Rattlesnake Ledges a few times, and have looked up at the ridge and imagined hiking its length.  When a local Meetup group organized a hike with a shuttle, I jumped at the chance.  Too bad the weather prediction was for showers — I hoped for the best.

The showers held off for the first hour, as the trail climbed steeply up the ridge.  But the higher we went, the more rain was coming down.  At around 2500 feet elevation the rain turned to snow, and the ground was covered more and more as we ascended, ultimately to 3500 feet.  Some of the group was not dressed for these conditions, which kept us from stopping or even slowing down.  We rushed past the viewpoints (no view today), even rushing past the ledges to get back to the cars.

It was a good workout, but next time I want to go on a clear day, and take my time.

Grand Prospect Viewpoint


Cougar Mountain Inner Loop

Saturday, April 17th, 2010

Starting from the Red Town trailhead, the follows a loop through the heart of the park.  Starting at Red Town adds considerable elevation gain, compared with starting at Sky Country trailhead.  The steepest part is at the beginning, so there is a chance that I will get to a point where I can run the whole thing.

On the day I made this track, I was visiting a number of geocaches.  I managed to find most of the ones I was looking for — a good day.  This also gave me an excuse to stop and rest every so often.

I passed through some parts of the park I had not visited before.  Particularly notable were the waterfalls, full at this time of year.

View from DeLeo Wall


Tiger Mountain Cable Line

Saturday, April 3rd, 2010

Tiger Mountain is the bigger brother of Cougar Mountain — larger, higher, steeper.  The steepest of the trails is the “Cable Line“.  It heads straight up the side of the mountain in an unbroken ascent, from the trailhead to the peak.  It is a hard workout — I can’t imagine running up it: walking is hard enough.  For such a steep trail, there are sure are lot of people on it.

I go up the cable line as quickly as I can travel, then run back along the more moderate grade of the West Tiger 3 Trail.  I still cannot just scoot down — it would kill me knees.

Cable Line Route (Left)