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Icicle Ridge

Wednesday, April 29th, 2009

Icicle Ridge is just outside of Levenworth, past Stevens Pass.  The vegetation reflects a drier climate.  The trail starts switchbacking up a slope, covered in April with wildflowers of various kinds.  It ascends into open pines as it reaches the ridgeline.  There are great views in all directions at several points along the way.

As the trail ascends, we started to meet occasional snow patches, then continuous snow, and we stopped to put on snow shoes. At this point we stopped trying to follow the trail, and headed directly up the slope, which was quite tiring for me.  We reached an open area, which had been burned relatively recently, where the slope of the ridge moderated.  We had lunch in the snow before heading back down.  For me, the descent was more difficult than the ascent because I got cramps in my legs, pretty unusual for me.

Silver Forest

One day I want to make this an overnight trip and hike farther along the ridge.


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High Hut

Saturday, April 4th, 2009

I did not know it before, but there are a few huts where hikers can visit, and even stay overnight.  I hiked to one of these with a hiking group.

I came prepared with snowshoes, but the trail is actually a road, which had been groomed for skis, so I could simply walk up through the snow.  At the top the view of Mt Rainier was fabulous, and the hut was warm and cozy.  I will have to make arrangements to come back here sometime when I can stay overnight.

View or Mt. Rainier from the hut

The snow at the hut was about 10 feet deep, burying the ground floor and blocking the views (and the door).  But there was an upper floor, where we could get in.

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