The Cold

The temperature was deceptive: the air was cool, but as long as the sun was out it was pleasantly warm.  But when the sun went behind a cloud, or went down for the day, it could get very chilly quickly.

I was prepared for the cold, but not the COLD.  I brought hiking pants, base layer pants, and fleece pants, but not down over-pants that many people were wearing around camp.  Similarly, I brought at least four layers of shirt, sweater, fleece, and parka, but not my winter-weight, down hooded parka.  It would probably not have made a difference.  I was not really very cold (shivering to keep warm) at any point.  It is just that hands and face, lips and ears, they just never got really warm most of the time. 

Snow at Deboche

I did feel my metabolism pick up after a few days, generating a lot more heat.  This worked out really well until I got the head cold, which knocked me back into a conservation mode and made it harder to feel really warm.

Packing in the Morning

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