Splitting Up

After Dingboche, the group split up.  Some of us went on up to Lobuche, and others went back to Pangboche.  In some cases the need to turn back was obvious, and in other cases it was more difficult.  For those afflicted with symptoms of AMS, the argument to not go further was compelling.  No one had to be compelled to turn around, although there were probably some doubts.

In my case I had some congestion, but no signs of AMS.  Nevertheless my energy and breathing capacity were compromised.  Because I was in good shape, I had enough in reserve to make it up further, but not comfortably. 

I was sad to see Wes and Ellen turn back, as well as the others, but I was so focused on the challenge of my own health that I failed to properly bid the others farewell  or think about their situation.

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