Long Night Hours

As I have said elsewhere, it was cold when the sun went down, which was about 5:00 PM.  We would head into our sleeping bags to keep warm until we were called to dinner.  After dinner (often before 6:00 PM) we would head back to our tents.  Some people managed to stay awake reading or talking, but I generally lay down and tried to sleep.

I never had any trouble keeping warm: I was usually hot all night long.  But I did have trouble sleeping the twelve hours of darkness until 6:00 AM next morning.  I went through hours and hours of book and podcasts, spent many hours tossing and turning, hours trying to control my breathing so that I would not cough continually.

If I concentrated entirely on my breathing, I could control the coughing pretty well.  But I could not sleep.  If I drifted off to sleep, I would soon wake myself with coughing.  I could only guess how much coughing I had been doing while "asleep". 

I think my coughing was the worst in our party.  We had an extra tent, and this was set up so that Paul and I could sleep apart.  Since Paul was completely silent and never woke me up, this arrangement was obviously designed to give him the chance to sleep undisturbed.

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