November 6 Pangboche


Today we return all the way down to Pangboche, rejoining the other part of the group.  It is a long walk, but mostly downhill.  I have not really recovered my energy, meaning that I can handle flat or downhill, but that uphill is a huge struggle.  Paul has been having a sherpa carry his backpack, but I am determined to carry my own the whole way.  They offer, when they see how tired I am, but I can carry it myself. 


Trail Below Lobuche

After lunch, many of us lay down to rest. 

After Lunch

The whole day I am thinking about the last bit, where we have to climb 300 feet to the camp at the tip top of town.  I am hoping against hope that there is another campsite farther down.  Well, no such luck: after a long hard day we have a stiff climb to get to camp.  The whole party is kind of subdued: we put our heads down and trudge up to camp.
Ama Dablam and Pangboche

The promise of warm, thick air to breathe is disappointing: at over 13,000 feet it does not seem any better than Lobuche.  I force myself not to nap when we get in, so that I will have a better chance to sleep during the night.  This pays off and I et a full 6 hours of sound sleep and seven more of fitful dozing and coughing. 

 This evening we are treated to some kind of local festival, where a group of children goes around town singing at each house, soliciting gifts for the monastery.  I got a recording from inside my tent. 


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